Cash Back On Things You Buy

The has never been a better time to save money on your regular spending. Here’s I’m not talking about special offers to tempt you to spend more  than you want too. Only one change is needed for you to save money when making your normal purchases we all have to do. Some recent examples;

25% of items bought on eBay (max cash back £50)
Switching to cheap energy £135 cash back.
Switch to cheap phone deal £100 cash back.
Etsy shopping 4% cash back.

All these you might do in a normal year of regular shopping, all save you money and it adds up.

One of my current cashback accounts as of Aug 2020.

So this is not some gimmick to try to make you spend more. This is a hammer on your forehead to tell you to wise-up and don’t pay more than you need to. Put away these saving big & small to make your money go further or to save up to treat you or your family later.
It does take a while for the cash back to land in your bank account so it not a get rich scheme. But it’ll get you in good habits. Find that item you want, then see if the is cash back on it and if not see if you can find a voucher. I sulk for hours if I can’t get a discount on something. That’s a good way to be, it’s saved me £1000s, I’m tell you it work and if little effort. So what’s your excuse for burning money?

So how do you do it? The are two main cashback site that back it easy – the are others like Groupon but for me it’s too much trouble, you might find it worthwhile on Groupon but be warned, I’ve found their offers cheaper elsewhere at time. So here are the links.



Both the above links open in new windows so you can quickly return here. I suggest you join both and check both for their level of cashback offered. But keep in mind you can also get discount codes and often if you use the code for a special discount it will over ride the cashback. If you do a lot of eBay browsing it’s good to remember you cashback comes from eBay not the seller. So if you use the MAKE OFFER feature it won’t affect your cash back. I recently got £10 reduction from the seller while getting £14 cash on a £50 purchase. that’s a £24 saving.