So what now after Hartlepool

I’m finished with UK politics so have no axe to grind here it’s merely comment over the general media bollocks you are fed here in the uk.

If you listen only to BBC, Sky etc you would believe this result was all about Boris Johnson. & Brexit well in fact it’s very little to do with him and a lot to do with events that kicked of before the EU referendum. Those events where the welcome given to Jeremy Corbyn & the path Blairite supporters set on a path to distro y him, not only as the leader of Labour but as a person. All this is not hidden from the public and although they fooled some to believe their lies a lot more didn’t fall for it. Those people made the own mind up and don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying the were Corbyn supporters. No, the effect was to scatter the Labour leaving vote into all sorts of places and I don’t mean parties, I mean reasons to vote. Take a look at the 2019 election, you can say people didn’t vote for Labour because of Brexit that’s true and it’s as true that they didn’t vote for Labour because of Corbyn but those are only and the are a lot more. Here are just a few off the top of my head;

The manifesto – expensive
The party was not united
Antisemitism – the fear of it
Antisemitism – the boredom of its reporting.
Brexit – the boredom of its reporting
Brexit – the annoyance of another referendum
Lack of national pride

And within these the are subsets of re reasons – Lack of respect for the queen for example or even Diane Abbott & John McDonald.

What’s I’m saying here is Labour leaning voters were given many reasons not to vote Labour and almost all these reasons meant even if Labour got into power they wouldn’t be able to deliver the promises in their manifesto. While on the other hand the Tories offered one simple promise “Get Brexit Done”. So the voters knew whatever else the Tories might do that was one positive they could vote for – even remain voters, because I assure you they were many of those who just wanted it all to be done with and that in the end won the day. And it’s that which was delivered by Keir Starmer and the Blairites and here’s why…

In 2017 general election the idea idea of the UK leaving the EU was resolved. All except the Lib Dems, Greens & SNP were inline, it was happening it was just a case of how it would happen, so why after that election did the “people’s vote” suddenly gain momentum & traction? The reason was in that election Corbyn came within 12,000 votes of becoming prime minister. This sent shock waves though the Blairites, they had tried all the could to remove him and failed, he was now secure. But that result also sent shock waves though other places – Zionists, Murdock & wealthy institutions who might lose out under a fairer system. And so the the Blairites moved their position on Brexit to a more strident position because they knew it was a way to force another general election. While at the same to dark forces double down their efforts in the media against Corbyn and Antisemitism in the Labour party was born. I won’t go into that, even I’m bored with that.

So here we are Labour offered nothing to a lot of people because what was offered was lost in the smoke generated to stop Corbyn and that worked. In walks Starmer with promises of keeping a lot of the manifesto – because a hell of a lot of it did poll well with the voters – Then the pandemic hits. Now at this point Starmer has a choice, he can either stand up and hold the government to account or he can fall for the “national interest” bull shit of allowing the government a free field. He choose to go the free field way until it was pointed out he’s actually doing nothing at all. So what happens now is Starmer bring in more Blairites and what did Blair do best in the 1990s? control the media by spinning topics. And so Starmer suddenly starts criticising aspect of the government and the Tory party. What we get is about 6 months of moaning but no policies. Meanwhile Boris Johnson has the field, everything in the media is about him & the Tory party and the is nothing pointing at Labour and Starmer is not saying “we offer this instead”. Also no other Labour shadow minister is banging the drum, I think this is a policy decision, I think Starmer’s advisor’s want him seen as the leader, to show the is management change, in fact that phase is repeated often.
But by the time the by-election comes around the field of play has changed again, it’s now not even a stage it’s become a pantomime and Starmer’s role is not Punch & it’s not Judy, no it’s not even the crocodile it’s the sausages at best. And so what do the Hartlepool voters see? Johnson Johnson Johnson and he’s buoyed by the vaccine project yes but no Brexit, no talk of Brexit is allowed in the Labour camp so this also means no talk of the effect of Brexit, no condemnation of the Irish board issues and nothing to win on Johnson ignoring the Northern Irish burning buses in the street. What exactly did Labour offer the voters of Hartlepool? if they can’t even stand on public ownership or the NHS – Starmer couldn’t even find the time to defend the takeover of GP practices by a USA company.

So let’s examine the result;

Was it about Brexit? well the Brexit Party had lost over 10,000 votes from 2019, who many went to the Tories? not many as they only increased their total by less than 4,000.
As for Labour their total votes dropped by over 7,000! Compare this to Corbyn’s vote before those Blairites found the “people’s vote” he won 21,969 – remember this was after the EU referendum result and since Labour & Starmer can only manage 8,000. That’s shocking really is. It’s pretty clear that if you look at this it’s Labour Blairites fault.

The fall out after

Rather than asking & researching the issue that brought this result about all we get from the Labour party is the “We have changed but we need to go faster & further”. So bereft of working class polices or even words to give hope to those deprived and neglected areas with real socialism they are so sure of themselves they double down. More socialists will be pushed aside, less hope, less understand of the people’s problems. This is only going to make things worth for Starmer and in the end I think he’ll resign. Will this lead to a return of Tony Blair or will Andy Burnham step forward? Burnham would be made to take this poison pot of crap in my opinion. Let the Blairites soak in their own vile of self serving mischief, let them move from Starmer to Kendell to Lammy and even Blair himself. Let them be punished by the public over and over again till they realise politics is about standing for something & not just wanting power for power sake.

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