The crap spouted by the BBC

The BBC news page says – The spike in global wholesale costs of products produced by Ukraine and/or Russia – grain, oils, fertiliser, energy – in the wake of the war in Ukraine was eyewatering, so the impact on shoppers was inevitable.

This is total bollocks. If Ukraine was the pressure point of the world or even just the UK it would be far richer than it is. If this is the cost of a subdued war in one small country, can you imagine if a country with a bigger economy? Ukraine’s economy is a mere 200 billion, as a point of reference the UK debt is 2,500 billion. Besides Ukraine’s main export is grain and that is mainly unaffected now.

This basic propaganda should be called out. I’m not an expert, but you only have to be to look at the profits being made by oil companies and the impact that has on anyone doing business. Then we have the interest rates which are faked to push money into the banks & institutions. Then yes there is the cost to the UK of the Ukraine war, but that’s our government’s choice, sending billions of our military stock to be used in someone else’s war. All this has to be replaced. And that is the news that won’t tell you.


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