The Labour Party, How we got here.

Some years ago the party were taken over by the type of people who believed nothing but gaining power matters. On the face of it this is an hard argument to argue against because if you don’t have power you can’t change anything. But life and political parties are far more complicated then that. With that attitude where would man be? Well I tell where Labour would be, that’s totally split as they are now.

We can all see the splits between centre & left but the split I’m talking about is the split in confidence which runs though the party. For many years the Labour party became as adapt as the Tories bending with the breeze shielding themselves from tabloid criticism on many subject from nuclear weapons to racism. I’m sure the Tories would change their name if they thought it would win votes but what the Labour did was lose a lot of great members and gain some very poor policies. The problem is to do this you have to accept decisions and ideas you wouldn’t normally, you have to be dishonest to the voters and even worse this makes you ignore issues where you should really have an opinion and trying to resolve.

And here’s where we struggle today. Even after 2 years of Jeremy Corbyn and a far more socialist manifesto we don’t have the confidence to stand up and face up the elite owned MSM, we are still bending, trying to ease our way though without looking as if we are upsetting anyone not least the middle of the road voter.

To be able to support desperate people – In Gaza, in Yemen even in the UK, we need to be brave, we need to make a stand. It’s hard when a number of current MPs would rather work against the party then for it and the fact left wing supporters are out number on MSM by more then four to one. But it must be done and it’s here where I disagree with Jeremy Corbyn. We do need an hard edge when dealing with some issues, if not simply because Labour are some people only hope.

Having high morals and not wanting to mud sling is noble thing but it leaves you weak at times and make those people prepared to smear & mud sling empower because they know nothing is coming back. As long as they stay with the law they can say what they like about Jeremy Corbyn and he won’t defend himself. At times it works and to be fair it work most the time but when if does and when you add in “bending” it just look as if the party is slow to act as in antisemitism. Labour now need to take a leaf out of the current government book when asked about antisemitism reel off the steps that have been taken, the numbers then Corbyn took over and …. and this is most important … make it be known that the party will not be dictated too or blackmailed.

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