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One of the page of this very blog is titled Why Do I Hate Tories, so from that you might think I was very political, and you would be right, but in the UK now the is not point to being political. It’s going to many years, far more years than I have left, till people in the UK are allowed to be political. Why would I say that?

Well, the point of being political is to try and force change. Change laws, change the way the UK does thing both here & abroad etc etc. But your vote now just simply does not do that. I would never vote Tory, but I also can’t vote Labour now because they are as right wing as most the Tory party. We got to the point where the paint turns up to paint your house, and you ask what colours are available, and you get the reply blue blue or blue. You can only vote for blue and to make things worse the shade of blue is the same which ever way you vote.  Of course, I’ve ruled out all the parties who can’t get in to power. That process was complete a long time ago.

But there are other reasons why you wouldn’t vote for Labour under Keir Starmer’s leadership. For a start you may think Boris Johnson was a born lier but just take a look at the long list of promises Keir Starmer may to Labour members to gain their leadership votes. How many has he kept? Absolutely none. The man can’t be trust to bring the milk in. And if that was enough, just look at the lame promises he’s now making to the public. Not one of them has any basis in fact and a lot of them are simply designed to attract right wing voters. The latest one is “we will make those who dump rubbish clean it up” yea? Good look with that one. That’s not even an idea, how can it be a plan when its not based on anything other than words. What do they think the councils & the police do? It’s just words to get a reaction, not policy. A policy first outlines a problem, details how it can be dealt with, produces a plan and costing to archive the desired results. In his latest idiotic speech, Starmers says “Labour will buy more food from UK farmers”. It’s like you saying to your partner, “Well, I’m going to sleep on my other side” when they complain about you taking all the blanket. No sense at all, but it is about the bed.

No, the best thing for the UK public is to not vote. Simply spoil the voting paper, that at least will make your vote count as a spoilt paper. Try to get that spoilt paper number large enough to clause a shockwave though the people at the top and maybe encourage other people, with better ideas, to come into politics. But, as I say, it’s going to be years & years.


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