UK public – If you value truth – don’t vote

If you value truth & honesty, if you want representatives who are asking for your vote in order to make your life better, then don’t bother voting or go to the vote and spoil the paper, so it counts as “none of the above”.

The political system in the UK is now just a clash between different criminal organisations. If doesn’t matter which one gets into to power, their objective is to rob you and look after themselves and the people who funded their rise to power.

So if you want this to change, you need to stop giving them the power. The argument is you should vote because it was a hard fought fight to get the vote and people died in wars to defend democracy. Some of that may be true if we have real democracy in this country but that means having a free press and rules about what can and can’t be said as fact. We don’t have that, hell we can’t even decide if Boris Johnson is a lier for fuck sack and that tells you the brainwashed state this country is in.

The only way this will change is the vote is so low that the world realizes how corrupt this country is. That will also make it easier for new political parties to get a foothold in the process. At the moment it’s a choice Tory or Torylite and one of those will get around 40% of the vote and that’s enough to win power. 34% don’t vote now, so imagine if that were 50%? That would mean the winner would only need 25%, which in turn mean those people who don’t vote could change the government at anytime. If someone could entice them to vote. At that point the power moves away from the money to the people and polices would be designed for the people. It’ll take time, but it can be done, things can change. At the moment, it’s turkeys voting for Christmas.


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