Lockdown Photo Fun with Adapted lenses Part 2

Next up is an old favourite of some people, I myself? not so sure but we’ll see. Super-Takumar 1:2/55mm and I’ve added some spice to the later images with a 3X converter see what you think. Again no images have been edited to make this article and this time have have a fully charge battery and able able to use the Canon 60D as seen in the photos here.

Firstly this is the first time I adpated lenses to this Camera and although it’s some years older than the X-T10 it’s bulk seems to make the task easier to handle. Perhaps the increase in size Fuji made to the new X-T4 is warranted.

So these first images are without the 3X converter fitted. I don’t know what you think but to me these seem washed out slightly and not as vibrant as this sunny day shows them. Now, all this can be fixed in the edit but it’s the reason why I tend not to follow the trend on these vintage lenses. I would hope for much better representation out the glass and no I won’t stop it down and yes that would fix it too probably. I’m showing the default lens here not showing how to get the best out of it that helps only those experienced.

And now the lens shot with the 3X converter, which I must day did a rather decent job.

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