Lockdown Photo Fun with Adapted lenses Part 4

Last one today. Lens is now back on the D60 & tripod and the chosen one is the Vivitar 28 – 58mm 1:3.5 – 4.5 Macro focusing zoom. Yea nice don’t you think great range for closer work and macro too. A brand that’s perhaps steady but certainly not one you’ll see people raving about. But it’s just a brand, what’s really inside. Let’s see how it performs.

Truth is not great. When in the action it seems to be very nice and sharp but resulting images seem a bit off, flat. Perhaps is was a change in the light as it’s getting on for evening here now. The point about this lens is it looks so good I really want it to be a great performer. But one thing I keep in mind when rummaging around in junk shops is if a lens looks well used it often means that’s for a reason. This look new still and I think it’s left a string of disappointments behind it. By no means the worst I’ve seen though. What do you think? was my £5 well spent on this one.

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