Lockdown Photo Fun with Adapted lenses Part 3

So this one turned out to be not so fun. Decided I would take an handheld camera around the village. The second choice on lens was a Industar N61 52mm f/2.8 adapted on to the X-T10 via L39 thread adaptor. The other lens in these images is the first choice which failed to focus with the adaptor I had – I’ll let you workout the name of it.


The N61 lens on a day like today, with blazing sunshine, is so hard to focus. These images are very hit and miss and more battery trouble meant and a distraction on the way out meant I could only shoot a few shots. But I hope you’ll see this little lens has amazing clarity, or would have in the hands of a better photographer with more time, tripod etc five grand camera 🙂

Smokey images mainly due to lack of care but enough to prove this is a performer. I would say portraits show it of best with it’s combination of soft tones & detail. Surprising for one so small.

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