Lockdown Photo Fun with Adapted lenses Part 1

6 months ago I packed up all my vintage lenses not intending to open the boxes till I had renovated our new home and being able to place them in cabinets where they would be safe & hand – a kind of study if you like. Due to lockdown a lot of things started to get left undone due to being unable to get supplies like plaster, skirting board, plasterboard etc etc, so I moved on to doing the garden but after preparing moving greenhouse, putting up a shed, making raised flower beds and planting seeds etc I’ve now come to a place where there too I’m a bit stuck for supplies. So I’ve opened the boxes and today I’m going around my little isolation area – the garden – trying a few of these lenses I’ve not yet used.

First up is this cute little Hoya HMC Zoom & Close Focus 60 – 200mm 1:5.5. It’s tiny for 200mm range like the barrel of a gun. Here you see it on my Canon 60D. I adapt all my lenses to EOS before they go on my Fujifilm XT10. That’s because the adaptors are thin & cheap. So this adaption was no extra cost.

Hoya 80-200 lens I had intended to use the 60D but found the battery out & I have only one so it’s gone on charge. You’ll notice also the large box on the back, These old Canon are a pain to focus in manual mode. This box allows me to use the monitor as an eye-view & then in camera zoom for pinpoint focus – we hope 🙂
When I switched to the Fuji I spent 15 mins wondering why the shutter wouldn’t shoot. I had forgot during my 6 month break – need to tell the camera it’s adapted

So here are the images for this lens, remember of the Fuji I use a speed adaptor too. No editing in any of these images. I think the lens coped well but I’m wondering where it would be used, the term close focus is used very loosely here, perhaps to fool people it does macro, it doesn’t. So “close” here means the camera being at least 80mm away. If you want to see the edited photos you have wait till I’ve finished this project when I’ll get all the photos some the different adaption & camera into Lightroom and pull out some angles & colours. Must say for a £2 lens this hasn’t done so bad. Colour & light seem a true reflection and the is a nice soft focus fall-off. I don’t get too anal about things that are not in the main intention of an image.

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