Brexit Hogwash

It’s half way completed now isn’t it ? Brexit. So why does it seem like we are still at the beginning ? I’ll tell you why.

The Brexit we have been sold is not the real Brexit. In the real Brexit the are no negotiations, no deals no argument on who has the record collection. How it was conceived is a country decides it wants out, it’s tells the EU though article 50 and then, and this is the key part, that country start it’s transition from being in the EU as a member to being out the EU totally. That country then starts negotiations with the EU and other countries on trade and join development.

But the British think they are a special case and even more the Tory party think they have a divine right to have a both their cake and eat that cake in comfort outside the EU. While at the same time their partners in the MSM will stand and point the finger at the EU shouting they want our money and won’t negotiate till they get it.

By now we should know a lot more about what life outside the EU will be like for the UK but narr those people who’s job it is can’t be arsed. They can’t be because they don’t want anything coming back on them. All their efforts are going into making sure they look strong and it’s the nasty EU that’s being unreasonable and stubborn. That’s very much like you or I saying “look I don’t want to be in this club but I think it’s reason you telling me I can’t carry on playing golf and using the gym”.

The rules of the EU have been set out for a very long time. The EU have those rules to back up their actions. They want to sort out the process for leaving (the brexit) and from that point it’s then up to the UK to decide how they want to go forward. At the moment the UK are totally ill-prepared for like outside the EU. This alone makes any negotiations with the EU very difficult because we are at such a weak position. We have no alternatives to put to the EU to say as much as “Look, we would like to continue using your golf course but the are others”.

So we are racing towards a cliff edge and the only options open to the UK is that the EU will offer their hand. Considering this was sold to many on sovereignty that seems a strange concept. We have become the Mexico of Europe it seems. But it’s worse then that.

For a favorable outcome of leaving the EU and agreeing a future we need a balanced approach for the benefit on the country as an whole. What we have is a team with a twin motive, their main motive is to get out of Brexit what’s best for the Tory party, their second motive is to get our of Brexit what is best for the rich. But the is now an overlay of the individuals getting what’s best for them.

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