Dying For Ukraine

The US & Russia are at war. The UK are the US proxy in Ukraine. Are you happy for your children to lose their lives for the USA? And why Ukraine?

I’m not saying countries shouldn’t support Ukraine in their fight against Russia in Ukraine, but the has to be a line we as a nation shouldn’t cross, because by crossing that line we become the target. And make no mistake, whatever the western media say, Russia are aimed to the teeth and are far more capable than the UK. So once again, why Ukraine & why now?

Ukraine, as far as I understand have always been entangled between Lithuania, Russia & Poland, nowhere in their history do I see the UK or the USA. In a way, Ukraine has always been a war zone because the has been no one till recently to lead it to independence. The fall of the Berlin Wall opened that door and Russia have been trying to close it ever since and always had a hand on the handle. Either supporting the economy or placing their own people in their government.

So Russia have a hand in the game, their main goal is to stop Ukraine joining NATO as an organisation setup to be at economic war with Russia. It’s no wonder Russia want to act, the point is how they did that. But for the UK the point remains – Why are we so involved? Would we even care if Russia took over Ukraine? I don’t think the people of the UK would, so who would lose out the most apart from those people of Ukraine who want to be free? USA wheat & grain producers.

Under an agreement, Ukraine’s production goes via Russia. Russia have the third-largest production and who are fourth? USA if the Ukraine harvests were moved over to USA control, it would give them maybe the largest stake in that market. Meaning they would control the price etc. So Iraq was for oil for the USA & Ukraine is for grain for the USA, when will the British learn?

Why do British politicians spend so much time and effort in looking after other countries interests anyway? Just this week (May 17th 2023) we have Liz Truss in Taiwan making speeches about “The threat of China” and this is not a day goes by when a politician is not in Israel or an oil rich Arab nation. We had one trying to raid the UK overseas aid budget to fund the Israeli army, FFS! So why do they do it? Because they all personally benefit from doing it, they certainly are not doing it for you.


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