Football Manager 2024 – An intro


Ok so that their tintanet if full of tutorials & videos on how to play this game. The are even streamers who play live and build massive followings creating football manager career ideas like “non-league to champions league”. All very entertaining stuff, you should check those out. This section of my site won’t be like that.

I’ll try to include things not seen elsewhere but not cheats or workarounds, really tactics you can use to make managing a club easier for you long term. I’ll show you how to make money for small clubs and I’ll show you how to find players you otherwise wouldn’t find using the scouting. I’ll also how tactics should be used and why certain choices of tactics will never work or certain players will never work in them. These won’t be long tutorials, just simple explanations you can take on board, and try and dump later if you wish. It’s not meant to be a secret weapon just ideas to add to the fun of the game and help you understand both the game and why your choices are not working. And that may not be because you are wrong, it just could be that the game software is the problem. And no I don’t use the editor.

I’m not after clicks and I’m not selling advertising, all I’m doing is thinking about the problems people have playing the game. I’m mainly looking at the career-type gameplay. If you prefer to jump right in and manage a top team perhaps you won’t find much here.

The very first thing all players should understand is, that this is not football it’s a computer game. What you see in a match is not live it’s the process of your choices made earlier being played out. The result is predetermined as is the score when you make changes before or during the game. All the software is doing is adding pre-set characteristics to paint a story based on the basic plot outline you choose. For example, if you tell your players to tackle hard, the ones who can’t tackle are likely to be sent off. If you tell them to mark the other team closely then the ones who are aggressive are likely to give away free-kicks and penalties. But those may not be a problem at all if your predetermined tactics & team say you win.

There are other aspects of this game you can not do anything about. These may annoy you. Things like if you play a bigger club you will almost certainly give away penalties. If you are 2-0 up the other team is likely to score late in the game and very often if you are one goal up the other team might well score in the last five minutes, this might be disallowed or you might score to regain the lead and get that predefined win. These “annoying” events seem built into the game in an attempt to make it more exciting. But like the interviews and the press calling they are simply pointless and spoil the for for regular players. The are many more such events I won’t bore you with.

Come back for more.


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