How we look after the wealthy

We heard recently that the Nat West CEO who resigned after right wing pressure from Nigel Farage’s network has been give a £2.5m golden handshake. While all that was going on, Nadine Dorries the MP hasn’t been doing her job for over a year, presumably sitting at home writing her books. But she’s still being paid by the taxpayer, and she can’t be sacked for not turning up. Over £80,000 a year plus expenses she’s on. To cap it off in the middle of a nation income crisis, they’ve just announce MPs who lose their job at the next election or give up the seat and not go for reelection will now get double their normal severance payment, and they’ll continue to be paid for 4 months. Meanwhile, in the real world if a person simply misses an appointment with the DWP they would lose 10% of the total income.

Corrupt UK.


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