Refugees are a valuable tool for UK politicians

Some of the UK public have valid concerns about immigrants, these concerns are sharpened by images of refugees arriving in rubber boats. As I say the concerns a valid, here are some;
1. Too many people;
2. They are taking our jobs;
3. They put a strain on our public services;
4. They have lower standards of behaviour;

The reason why I say these concerns are valid is because these are exactly the effect you would get with uncontrolled boarders. I’m not saying the people coming fit the fears of the people.

Politicians know this is true, but do they want to solve the problem? No, of course they don’t. Nothing any government has done for the last 40 years has been done to ease these fears. In worse in the last 20 or so years the politicians from all parties have sought to use those fears to gain votes. Even worse than that, the government knows they don’t have fix the people’s problems because they can blame all those on the refugees. Just look at the evidence;

Allowed uncontrolled immigrations from the EU, privatised the immigration service, gave VIP wavers to rich people, eased tax laws, eased the money rules, allowed foreign companies to buy up public services, allowed foreigners to buy in the UK housing market. Failed to invest in public services, failed to manage the NHS, the prison service, the criminal public services.

These are just a few of the ways your government have let you down. Is it any wonder they won’t fix the immigration back log? So why do you keep voting for them?


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