The madness of Britain

Evidence One – Suella Braverman should be applauded, not slammed, for demanding our police investigate all crimes. What the fuck are they there for? the fact the is not enough of them is another topic. The crimes should be investigated, or people think it’s OK to break the law.
Evidence Two – The Tories allowing rivers to be poisoned in the hope it’ll save the housing crisis is madness. What will solve the housing crisis is NOT promoting house ownership and supporting councils to buy house to rent out.

Evidence Three – Cleaning the air in London is vital to the health of our children. The Mayor of London should be supported not made to look out of touch by both Labour & the Conservitives as they turn pollution in to a game for votes at the next election.

Evidence Four – The people will be voting for the Labour party at the next general election. Not because they have good policies, they have none. Not because they think they will repair the damage done over the past 10-20 years, they won’t. Not because they think Labour care about them, they don’t. No, the only reason Labour will form the next government is the people trust Labour not to change anything.

But it’s not just the UK;

Spain & the football world in general are going bonkers about a kiss. No one was killed, on one injured, and all was well for a good few hours. Women’s right are important, but the crazy conversations going on at the moment sicken me. If only these people could put so much effort in to saving Palestinian children from being gunned down by Israeli snipers. Or refugees from being shot for daring to cross borders. Or perhaps we could spend some effort in demanding Saudi Arabia are bought to justice for hacking to death a journalist in one of the embassies. It was a kiss, it was wrong, but what if it was a woman on a man?



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