The sickness of royalty

So it’s now been 12 months since Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor was crowned King of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms. And to mark this, they release “never before seen” photos of him. This is all part of the sickness of royalty. They think we love them so much the mere release of a new image of them is enough to fill our hearts with joy, and we can all celebrate the lavish life we allow them to lead.

He’s not alone in thinking all we do all day is wait for a royal vision to appear on the TV, the money grabbing Kate is even worse than him. She uses any excuse to throw a bone to the peasants in the form of a photo, and is happy to use children as part of this game. In fact, she’s so money focused she pretends to have an hobby of photography so when she takes the photo she gets the royalties from it, I suspect.

They all make me sick. So for me, these new photos just make me think of the evil these people do each day and have done in the past. They are sick. Anyone who allows themselves to be put above another human and thinks they are put there by a god is sick in the head and evil.


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