The UK is in a mess – Who to blame

Someone showed my a watch for sale at £1500 last week, it wasn’t even a famous brand. I said it’s an ugly item for stupid people who pay stupid money for ugly items. I was told “If you think £1500 is a lot of money, you will struggle in the real world”, I took that to mean this person thought the price was reasonable. I know net to nothing about watches, but I know a lot about value, and this certainly wasn’t value for money. The box it comes it is probably worth more than the watch & certainly I would pick the box over the watch if I didn’t need to tell the time 🙂

That’s the exception that proves the rule. A person that isn’t affected by the state the UK is in, and with luck perhaps they never will be. Pretty sure he can find the extra £2000-£3000 families will have to find to pay the standard bill this year. But not even he would be protected from the state of our public services, illness comes to everyone at some time.

As it stands at the moment, he may wait 5 years to get any treatment for a mantle illness & perhaps 3 years for non-urgent surgery. And he also faces the prospect of his wages being valued at 10% less than they were last year, that’s if he can keep his job. Employees are using the fire and fire method more and more, and I suspect, the way he talks, he’s not the type to pay union fees so less protected than some.

The country is in a mess, and we’ve not even got to the centre of the storm yet, but who is to blame?

With all political parties readying themselves for a general election anytime from now to 28 January 2025 there is a lot of mud flinging already and in the Conservative party the mud is even being flung amongst themselves. They’ve been in power since 11 May 2010, so it is hard for them not to take the blame. But why so long?

Well just remember when the Lib Dems say it’s all the Tories’s fault it was the Lib Dems who put them these in the first place and it was the Lib Dems who wouldn’t accept the vote to leave the EU.

Well Just remember when Kier Starmer’s Labour say it’s all the Tories’s fault, it was Keir Starmer who forced the Labour Party to change their stance too. Both these things kept the Conservative party in power. Both wanted a conservative government over a change of government. So now tell me – Who is to blame? And remember – Don’t vote for them, you only encourage them.

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