Uk Be Concerned VERY Concerned

uk censorship imageUk faces an election for a person who does not like scrutiny. Theresa May has taken over as the name of a political party, the party is now a subset to her personality. She started her election campaign, an election she called without consulting even her own party members or goverment.


Her style on the road has been closely controlled access only. Speeches to local Tory members, no public access. That alone is enough to be concerned when the current sitting prime minister is in fear of her own people. But just look at the treatment of the press; initially no press where allowed some tight photos could be distributed and no other but the official photos could be published. Later BBC were allowed into events under strict rules. Some of the controls included all press questions must be put forward before the speech, any reporter who refused that request didn’t get to ask a question and didn’t get invited to the next event. At one time “Theresa’s Team” locked reporters in a room while she talked to party members, we are unclear as to why this was done.

But it’s not just the press who are subject to control. If Theresa comes to your place of work you can expect her team to visit first and they will filter out people they think are “subversive” yes that is the word used. Once those are filtered from the event the one left who get to listen to Theresa will only do so if the sacrifice their phones so they too can be checked for messages.


The above is censorship, but she’s get away with it as these are deemed private events. Theresa May as many ways of censorship. In it’s basic form she’s sack someone and demand they sign a gagging clause before they get settlement. She’s extended this to area’s of goverment policy such as the NHS where manager are expected not to talk politics at anytime, it’s in their contract.


For many years Theresa May has waged war on the freedom of the internet. At first she was doing this under the guise of pornography but more recently she has used the excuse of terrorism to bang it home. She want control on content another form of control. If you think this is just her protecting you then explain the two events this week during the election campaign.


Firstly, sharing a platform with Amber Rudd in her constituency as very respected internet journalist took to the stage and starting talking about the goverment selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Very quickly Amber Rudd too to paper and handed a note to the man on her right. He stood up and walked over to our journalist interrupting his speech and standing in front of him. Eventually after a short argument the microphone was taken. So their you have it censorship on the hustings.


Second, A Tory standing in-front of her constituency was ask about food banks. Some of the crowd didn’t like her response that people use them now & again but don’t “depend on them”. One member of the public pointed out that in our country we shouldn’t have to have food banks at all. At this our Tory simply said “ignore these people over here they do not matter”. You can guess the reaction to that but could you guess that the Tory MP would ask for the police to be called to clear these people who dare to contradict here and stand up for the poor ? Yes that really did happen.


Both happen and should you wish you can search social media for videos of both these events. It begs the question if during an election campaign people can’t ask questions and the same party want to control content on the internet what next?

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