What secrets could anyone want from the UK

I do find all this spies in the government news a big laugh. The UK are still deluded about their position in the world order it seems, here’s a clue … we are behind India but above Yemen.

What could the likes of China want from the UK? We don’t make much, we don’t invent much, we don’t have secrets other countries might want. All our technology comes from Asia, all our medical research comes from Europe & even move of our weapon technology either comes from the US or Israel. I would be very surprised if we can teach any country anything they don’t already know.

And let’s not forget the way our government has been behaving for the past 40 years. Thatcher waled hand in hand with the US, South Africa & a number of murdering leaders, Blair championed Putin & others, Cameron went cap in hand to China, May swooned over the Arab states, Johnson had more finger in Russian pies than most Russian, and now we have Sunak swanning it off to beg India for trade.

It’s laughable, it simply is. I suspect the only reason the politicians are complaining is that the spies might gain access to knowledge without paying them for it.


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