What to do about knee pain or back pain

flaxseedIn a former life I shifted billiard tables around. A full-size billiard table weighs about one and a half tons. At times, we might have taken these up or down stairs and although it came apart some parts like the slate bed took four people to lift in and out of vans up & down stairs etc. So it’s no wonder I wake in the morning with pains in my knees and indeed suffer back ache if standing for a while.

I’ve tried many things to ease this pain and yes I can use pills, but they only work for when they are active in the system. Then the are gels and heat treatments but again these are treatments nothing like a cure and who want to pop pills very 4 hours anyway.

Then someone told me about a combination of Flaxseed oil & Star oil. Their experience was good, and they said they discovered when they found out about a “special substance” being sold by a doctor. They did some research on the ingredients of this substance and it turned our by buying the ingredients separate you can have yourself the outrageous sum this doctor charges. Turns out on their own these oils work but together they are twice as effective. The science – as they say – is sound.

Look, I could list all the claimed benefits of both these oils but all I’m claiming is when taken together I have far less pain and no morning pain at all. You take two capsules a day and that’s it, I also add in a multi vitamin tablets too. Don’t get me wrong I’m not an health freak and I will tell you, like all these things it doesn’t work overnight. I would expect 3 months would be long enough to see if it works for you. But also monitor other changes you might be surprised. Do your own research on what that might be, for my I see a difference in my bowl movements, my nails don’t seem as brittle and my hair seems softer.

The reason I’m posting this is that I actually was taking this for a year and saw the benefits, but then we moved house and I simply forgot all about these oils with a lot of stress I was going though. Pains in my back and knees started to show on a more regular basis, I was even bandaging my knees for a short while. Then one day I open a draw and the was all these oil capsules I hadn’t taken since we moved. I thought “what an idiot” then I started taking them again and see a difference quite quickly. Perhaps it’s psychosomatic? for me it’s worth the small cost to cure the pain or the brain. Below is the link to my supplier, you’ll find these far cheaper than the high street shops.


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