Donald Trump Is Bad News But Not For Why You Think

Ok, I’ll admit if you think the man is the worst president of the United States I would agree, also the most stupid and the most deceitful but the is another problem that you may not have thought of.

In one way Trump can seem refreshingly honest, no it’s not that either but it’s true. But “honest” can be delivered wrapped in thoughtful understanding or it can be delivered from naivety. His comes from naivety, he’s seems incredibly uneducated on a number of things from world affairs to simple life skills. This shows his upbringing, in his own bubble, getting his own way and being able to be both wrong and right at the same time. Wrong because logically he is wrong but right because people won’t correct him and allow him to think he’s right allowing his overfed ego to over-spill into the real world where he see’s it as ingeligence – in his eyes he’s cleaverer then those around him. It’s a bit like the story “the king has no clothes” it’s just that people want him, need him to be happy so he gets his way.

But this may not be the biggest thing revealed to us by the appointment of Donald Trump. His weaknesses are on the surface, he doesn’t have the skills to hide them, although an awful lot of people pretend he’s just fooling people and under the clown mask is a very shrewd businessman, he wants you to think he’s stupid. No sorry, we have never seen an actor that good. He is that stupid. My fear is he’s not unique, we have had other leaders both in the States and here in the UK who are simply not as bright as we might expect of our leaders. The only reason Trump stands out is he has no coat – very little social skills, he can’t hide his stupidity. This comes out in the form of him saying things no in his position should ever say, people before him understood that because they perhaps had been challenged. At times its as though Trump has a strong case of turrets syndrome. If he was able to stop that and covers over things what does it leave us? another leader with little idea of what the world needs.

The world has seen many leaders come and go making little impact in terms of worldly decisions. Yes, some have done some deals on things like climate, that’s good PR. At one time it did seem USA & Russia were, if not holding hands, being friendly. But no progress was made on world hunger, it’s worse than ever. War & fighting scares many parts of the world with the big power players turning a blind eye to atrocities and even deciding on murder without trials with innocent men, women & children now seen as expendable if it means they get the one person they want and don’t have risk troops to get them – Bombs drop with little or no regard to realworld damage.

It’s remarkable really how far humanity has moved backwards. In the same month, people are finally being put on trial for genocide in Serbia back in the 1990s the major powers of the world turn a blind eye to Genocide in Myanmar having ignored war crimes or shown faint interest in them in many parts of the war, most notably Syria.

So no big thoughts followed by big changes, perhaps they were just too focused on moving money. For this neatly mirrors the rise of capitalism. Here’s a thought, perhaps Marget Thatcher & her pal Ronald Reagan were the last big thinkers, the last movers and shakers we have seen. Sadly one of the main goals and perhaps the only one that worked was the free markets for profit which oiled capitalism.

So perhaps Donald Trump is not such a bad thing after all? yes, he is dangerous, yes he’ll divide people but does he have the talent to also conquer them? I doubt it. But back to the title of this article, Donald Trump is bad because he’s what went before him drssed as a clown, someone unable to see the big picture, unable to save the people from the machine. Yet another leader who thinks what’s best for their country is best for all their people. And that thing is money in the hands of people who already have enough.

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