How to negotiate

What should the objectives be in any negotiation? Get everything you want and give nothing away?
Well, that’s a very nieve view, people who go in with those intentions are wanting invasion not to settle an argument. Those type of people are easy to see because they throw out insults and look on the other side as the enemy, but more wants others to see them so. These types of people will only end up with deals that are disappointing for everyone in the long-term because future relationships are important to most deals.

A good negotiator will establish their main aims and the most valuable aims of the other side. They’ll then be prepared to give away other small things in the hope the other side will relinquish their main aim and settle for some little gains. This does many things, first it’s a win-win for you, you’ve got your main aims and hold on to their other parties too, naturally, these could be the same thing. And because you have given away it makes your opponent think they have won. It keeps things on a friendly footing and who would want to stay friends, the may be other deals to be had with these idiots in the future.

So you have them thinking they have won, yet you hold all real goodies. What’s next? you lavish praise on them telling them how well they were done and how hard they fought and most importantly you tell them they got a great deal. Because do not forget, if they believe that, then in the next deal with can use it as leverage by saying something like “come on you got a great deal last time give us a little back here”

Real life scenario – EU v UK Brexit phase one.

EU – Main aim? Money. They got the agreement of £30-£50 billion and don’t need to adjust their budgets to allow for that loss of income from the UK.

UK – Main aim? who knows, we can guest at these;

Control of Immigration – Certainly not for the next 8 years.
Release from EU rule – As above
So what did the EU get? Well, it seems the got the EU to accept less then they asked for in term of money? Naturally, a good negotiator goes in high so perhaps not.

Did the UK get a good deal? well, in the end, the UK’s aim shifted so much that any deal was a good deal. This is because the EU used the pressure of time but also because the UK failed to set up their own aims and were more concerned with winning the PR game. Also mid-point national interests were ignored for party interests. As Theresa May finally caved in to those in the Consertivive party suggesting they had to call a UK general election to capitalise on their strengh in the polls. That back fired in spectaclur fashion and Mrs May was wrong about needing a stronger hand to fight the EU in the end she also failed to see the damage that election would eventually do to her negociation position. In came the DUP effect, and if a 1 against 27 is bad odds then 1 against 28 is worse. The Conservitives by this time were relient of the DUP just to stay at the table so in some ways the DUP held more power then the EU.

In the end, the EU only had to wait her out and now are more then happy to tell everyone how well the Thersa May did – they’ve found a an fool and want to keep her in place.  Why wouldn’t they? they know the is another phase. The EU know the UK are leaving, their aim has to be to get the most out of them before they go and then once gone get the most out of them for anything they need from the EU. Sadly the UK don’t understand this simple fact. Their aim has always been how it looks from the outside. Even now they have walked away thinking they have foxed them with clever words that they argue about later but they only ones foxed are the UK because the EU got the cash and that’s all the wanted.

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