Immigration – As simple fix for the UK

Well if the UK government can rig bank interest rates, which we found to be true recently, they are capable of rigging almost any states issued by a government connected body. So take the new immigrations figures with a pinch of salt, odds are and certainly the view from the street is those figures are way out. Uncontrolled immigration causes many problems for a country, especially a country where health care is supposed to be free at the source to anyone who turns up. Add in the limitations on other resources and the notion that people coming here may struggle with the high costs of living, and you can see it would also impact on crime figures, cars on the road, even seats on the train. So be as welcoming as you like, but don’t ignore the problems of what basically is unsustainable population growth. You may totally disagree with what I just typed but if you did, you maybe won’t disagree that we have to protect our open spaces, our wildlife & ecosystems from being built on while also providing better clean water, better waste recovery etc – All these things are in danger.

The is of course an easy solution, as the always is, to problems our politicians choose to ignore because it gains them votes. So here’s my one;




Firstly, provide a safe, easy & fast system to process refugee claims.
Second, stop the system of allow rich people in simply because they have enough money. 200k right there, stopped dead.
Third, use technology to provide a total number you will allow in each year. I mean, only allow in enough to fill the gap from deaths and people living the UK. This could be done for about five years till we have immigration under control.
Fourth, to have better control you need a better system, one which is flexible enough to not strangle business but strong enough not to be worked around very easy. So set up a number of green light projects that can be applied for and put in place staff to monitor each one. For example, fruit pickers, computer staff, musicians, sports people. Set them up based on the need, still limits on them and time periods and monitor them.
Five, put demands on anyone who comes to the UK and make it clear they how they are expected to behave and that part of not obeying the laws of the land will be deportation. Make them also give a sort of return address with in that country that they will be able to go there should deportation be needed and the costs will be recovered.

I’m sure more could be done, but that’s a start, and I’m sure after the first five years it’ll be cheaper

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