Something Strange Labour’s Way Comes

Chuka Harrison Umunna
 Chuka Umunna is not happy

So we are a few week since the 2017 uk elections results. The very first agreed things were Theresa May ran the worst campaign in history and Jeremy Corbyn performed above and beyond all expectations in the press or in the Labour party. He managed to stop the Tories making the election all about Brexit and push forward good polices of hope. This is history for you to research, it’s fact now. Yet is it? I’ve noticed a slow but progressive move to tell another story or at least change people’s perceptions of what happened in the general election.

BBC seemed to have pushed forward with everything Brexit in the last few weeks. So much so that the Tory MPs so keen to be critical of their own election campaign are now saying something very different. These people are joined by a fair few of Labour MPs sharing a very different election then I recall.  Both these sides seem to have joined force to agree the election result was all about Brexit. They both say Labour won votes because they fooled the voters that they could deliver Brexit while staying in the Single Market.

I’m astounded ! so much so that I’m not even going to bother saying any more about the election or why Labour did so well, I don’t need to because you know. You know it had very little to do with Brexit at least. So what’s going on ?

Well the Tory position is simple enough to explain. They just want to turn the conversation away from Theresa May in the media. While at the same time they want to put pressure on her to deliver the Brexit choices they want – Staying in the Single Market.

On the Labour side it’s a bit more complicated and rather tasteless or at least sneaky. They are siding with the Tories because it’s a way to dent or hold back Corbyn. He’s risen so fast and so high it’s taken the wind out their own sails. And by that I mean people who, before the election were positioning themselves for a leaders challenge now find that dead in the water. It’s their first dig but I suspect first of many to come. They shouldn’t be a problem and will only damage their own career prospects. Don’t be surprised to see a few jump ship the further we get into the Brexit process. For example Chuka Umunna could easily fulfil his own leadership ambitions by joining the LibDems or indeed the Tory party in 12 months or so 🙂

But you have to be impressed by Corbyn. Where others panic to press home a point at the insistence of the media or the suggestion of the opposition he is consistent in his message. He won’t treat the voters like idiots and say he’ll do something that seems unlikely and he won’t box their party into committing to the impossible. He’s never once played the hard/soft brexit game just calmly stated if given the chance his party will try and deliver what the voters voted for while trying to keep as many benefits we enjoy from being members of the EU. Kind of doing the only thing you can do – when walking into a dark room you’ll fumble about for a lit switch but the is no guarantee the is even one there.


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