UK Local Elections – The Only Truth You Need

This is the only truth you will find about the local elections. Our corrupt media outlets will be delivering their own agenda – how bad Sunak did & how well Starmer did, but here’s the truth of it.

Firstly, local elections give very little indication of how most people will vote in the next election. The reason people vote are many & this year we had a big reason who people didn’t vote at all;

For the first, people who were only allowed to vote if they had photo ID. This seems to resulted in many people being turned away. The final turnout figures will be interesting, in local election 20% turnout is very good. But let’s get to the basics, the main reason why people will vote and which way they voted.

1. The loyal voter – 50%
2. The local voter – 20%
3. The newspaper reader – 20%
4. The people who think it’s their duty – 10%

The Loyal voter – This is where the conservatives stand to suffer most, over the last few years the many factions of the Tory party have all had their go at government and all failed. So it’s hard to see this number standing up with Sunak and his many disadvantages, of which the only one going for him is he’s rich. But Labour to have their problems here. By far the largest active base of the Labour Party is the socialist base. Many of these won’t lift a finger to help Starmer let alone a pen. But this will hold up far better than the Tories as … well it’s only the local elections. One interesting point is many of the councillors Starmer has kicked out of the party were returned under other groups & independents. So that cost him votes. The Lib Dems & Green loyal voter group should be very firm this time with no Brexit issues.

The Local Voter – Well this depends on how well a council is doing, in general it stays the same but here Labour are more at risk because they are the one who have made the biggest attempt to kick their out people out. Lib Dems & Green will gain purely on the basis that they have been building membership, mostly from people falling away from Labour, So they’ll have more people in the running this time than last.

The newspaper reader – Well there should be only one winner here and that’s Labour. In the last few years, since Starmer arrived as leader, the has been the biggest shift in focus for the main stream media in its history. Labour have gone from almost total negative reporting to almost total positive. If you ever doubted there was an “establishment” doubt no more. How many reporters have you since standing outside the home of Keir Starmer? How many comments have you seen about his dress sense? How many stories have you seen about his family? or his past? And the big one – when has he ever been asked about antisemitism or Russia? So these votes will help Labour only. sadly the Greens & LIb Dems never get any help from the MSM.

The people who think it’s their duty – These are people who don’t watch the news, don’t really read newspapers and probably some of them could even tell you who the prime minster of the UK is. This is the Conservative’s only hope to make new votes, but it’s a very small section. The thought process here is basically look at the names & if you’ve seen those in your area & you like the picture on the board, vote for them. If that is not an option, look at the party the represent and if they vote on if they prefer Sunak or Starmer. Let’s faceit, Starmer is a placeholder and has the personality of a block of cheese. So it’s Sunak most times here.

So the story will be Conservative lose a lot of votes, if Labour had anything to offer at all at least 75% of those votes would go to Labour. But as it is, Labour are struggling to get half of them and the rest are going to Lib Dems & Greens. But that’s not the end of it. Conservative voters are very loyal – mainly due to the fact they tend to be people who think they have something to lose, and Labour are the ones always looking to take it off them. So most of these votes will go back to them at the next general election. Which mean Labour’s best effort of 50% gain will dwindle to probably 5% by that time.

And let’s not forget the King’s coronation was conveniently times for as soon after these local elections as possible, when in fact it would have been far easier to do 3 weeks before or after. How many news outlets will be reporting about votes. It’s already all forgotten.


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