Where did Phillip Schofield go wrong

He was the darling of TV, people loved him right from his early days of children’s TV in 1985. His career spanned from simply program linking right though to hosting one of the biggest daytime shows in history. He held his own with hosting partners from Holly Willoughby to Gordon The Gopher (list ranked in terms of talent). He had major TV ads worth millions, so what went wrong?

Simple really, the media loved him, he gave them miles of good family type copy, but he came out as gay. From that point they could only feed off his sex life, but his wife and family totally supported him, not much to sell there, so they moved on to hate. Hate sells very well, and it was only a matter of time following him around looking for angles to make a story. In the end, they bled him dry with manufactured mud.

So long Phillip, I won’t miss you on TV, as I don’t watch TV, but you seemed like a nice chap and you don’t deserve this ending.

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