3 news stories that show the English should be ashamed

Today there are three news stories that are shameful and show the English government in the worst possible light. If you voted for this, hang your head in shame.

1. Defending the dreadful treatment of persecuted people –  Rishi Sunak says he “fundamentally disagrees” with the Court of Appeal, as it rules against the Rwanda asylum plan.

2. Undercover police tactics – SDS (Special Demonstration Squad) infiltrating left-wing political and activist groups & in some cases officers had sexual relationships while undercover and used dead children’s names to create their false identities.

3. MPs interfering in the democratic process – This includes Nadine Dorries and Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg waging a co-ordinated campaign to interfere with a Commons investigation into Boris Johnson.

This is the UK not North Korea if you were confused.


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