AI is a godsend for English Politicians

I’ve now been on this earth for over 60 years and during my “grown years” I have known that English politicians will use anything to strike fear into the people of Britain. This helps them in a number of ways;

First, while people are concerned about themselves and their family they may think less about others around them, like those less fortunate. Second, it deflects attention away from the politicians’ own terrible deeds in government or their lack of clarity in policy. Third, the politicians can then put themselves forward as a solution to the voters.

In my years of seeing almost anything used to scare the people – Irish people, polish people, a prevalent one was always war with Russia, China, or North Korea. More recently it’s been narrowed down to single people like Putin, Kim Jong Un, and let’s not forget Saddam Hussein – we went to war over the lies the politicians told about him. But it doesn’t have to be a person, it was also Chicken, eggs, and generally red meat. They’ll use any group of people from from single parents to the left-wing voter and yes they’ll make up stuff like WOKE. That’s why AI is such a godsend, they can make up anything about AI.

Just this week we are being told AI will wipe out the world, it might do that by creating chemical weapons to kill the human masters, heard that one before 🙂 With AI they can make up anything because the public doesn’t understand what it is. I can remember the first computers and how the TV & films made them do almost anything. Just remember when all these claims are made that AI runs inside a computer chip and no computer ever runs without electricity.

They could claim AI will invent better battery technology which would allow robots to roam the earth. Well, think for a moment, about how big & heavy an electric car battery is now. That has a run time of about 3-9 hours and all that has to do is turn 4 wheels & a car radio FFS. It took humans over 100 years to produce those cars so you can imagine just how far we are away from AI-created robots running amuck on the streets. But if you do think it’s just around the corner that some comfort in knowing that as the AI is chasing you down, you only have to wait till it needs a recharge and then you follow it back to back to its charging point. If it has already been vandalized just chop the plug off its lead 🙂 For without electricity what is AI?


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