Oh, can’t we have some thought or invention in politics?

Here we go once again, not that far from another general election and the parties have already rolled out all the old topics they think will excite the people and gain their votes – Tax cuts, help for first-time buyers, reducing waste in the NHS, long prison sentences, more money for wars, more maths in schools, less money for benefits etc etc

Every time the same old thing, not one of them has any idea about running a country. Not one of them cares about the country. It’s sickening! I can’t recall the last original idea any of them had. Oh yes, I can Corbyn’s manifesto was full of them, a real breath of fresh air that never saw the light of day due to the corruption in the country. Not saying they all would work but let’s face it, if they all failed we would still be better off than we are now. Corbyn may have not been the answer but his efforts should be rewarded and it’s that sort of thinking we desperately need in this country.


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