They Fear You Be Part Of The Solution

When Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour it was bad news for a lot of people. I’m not going to preach here but I’m sure unless you lean towards the right you are capable of seeing what this man is all about. For months from day one newspaper front pages have tried to rip this man apart. We’ve proberbly never seen such an onslought it’s gone ways past the levels aimed at Bin Lardan even.

Corbyn has been concistant, never lowering to their level with personal & idiot abuse, always maintaining his carm commitement to his policies. And what is his cause? is it money? is it false patreotic clap trap ? is it lies written large on the side of a bus? is it evil speaces designed to devided people and force hate on the streets? is it even defending mistakes of past Labour govenments?

No it’s his desire to improve the world, starting here in the UK by bringing education & investment to ignored areas. It’s making the people who can afford it, contribute a little more, it’s making the press behave in a fair way and it’s encouraging frendship with other nations not jumping in with weapons & war. Who wouldn’t want that?

Join Us & make it happen. don’t be fooled for theose newspaper headlines, find your local party HQ and go along and see for yourself the hardwork real caring people like you are doing every day not just at election time. Labour has changed a great deal because of Corbyn and the hope he offers and those with things to lose will do everything in their power to stop him. You may not agree with all the methods that’s fine, join & help mould the party. Labour are democractic the members create the rules & the policy. Yes this makes it hard to understand sometimes and we will disagree at times but everything is sorted out in a democratic way, isn’t it better then a dictatorship with a leader at the top who has final say. Just see for yourself …but if you are ready now click the proud to vote labour button.

Join LAbour
Join Labour

The way to get a Corbyn led government is to join the Labour party and campaign with us. Only £4 a month or less to join. Join the biggest party in Europe & help us defeat the Tories hate machine!

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