Boris Johnson is the biggest C in the country

So once again more evidence of Johnson ignoring the law around covid have emerged, and he’s not happy about it.

It seems while we were all locked up in our homes not allow visitors, he had a regular flow to his door of friends & family. This wasn’t his office in number ten, this was Chequers – the prime minister’s country house in Buckinghamshire where it seems from the visitor’s book it was open house.

But the laughable thing is Johnson is now refusing to co-operate with the government as part of his ongoing investigation in to lawbreaking at number ten. He now claims the cabinet office staff had lost objectivity. For a man who has had the best education money can buy that seems a stupid comment, he seems to not understand what the word objectivity means.

The staff surrendered the visitor’s book to the police, as they were obliged to by law. He thinks they should have keep it secret – For Johnson and any one lese confused

Being objective
: lack of favouritism toward one side or another : freedom from bias.

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