Don’t be fooled by Nigel Farage

Don’t be fooled by Nigel Farage

The story this time is all the UK banks have refused to have his money. He claims this is because of his political career. Of course, he’s able to claim anything because the banks under law can’t discuss his personal details. But there is a more simple explanation as to these claims, and it is because Farage no longer is able to bleed people here for money. His game is up, his a busted flush. A number of “money making” projects have failed for him recently, not least his political abolitions, but his personal appearances don’t attract people as they used to and his deal with a whiskey company seems to have fallen flat. So what is going to do?

Well there are far more mugs in the US than the UK so perhaps his hint at having to move abroad because of his banking problem is a good excuse. But also there were stories of him trying to gain a German passport a while back, so perhaps he’s off to find the roots of his political inspiration. Whichever it is, I’m sure they are plenty of British who would gladly pay his air fair just to get rid of the cretin.

UPDATE: One week later –

As always logic wins when it comes to conmen like this man.


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