Keir Starmer is paranoid not a socialist

Way back when David Cameron was electioneering, he made a massive error on camera. Now not the sort Gordon Brown made when he forgot he had Sky TV mic on and called a lifelong Labour supporting granny a “bigot”. I’m talking about the time he was asked about the UK’s membership of the European Union and he sudden made up the new Tory policy “If you vote for me I will give the country a referendum on our membership of the EU” were the sort of words he used. This wasn’t Tory policy, it had not even been suggested. It was pure panic of the moment because till that time he was losing the debate.

Last week Keir Starmer was asked about the cap on child benefit which restrict payment of child benefit to just the first two children. This was introduced during Cameron’s Austrey scam, as before that it was paid per child. The cap is seen by most civil minded people as a poverty generator, and as many as 1.5 million more children are in poverty since it was introduced. Labour’s policy has always been to remove it and till last week this was almost set in stone, that’s how strongly even most Starmer supporting MPs thought of it.

But Starmer is so obsessed with not looking reckless, and not nailing his flag to any mast which could be used against him, that when asked if he would remove the cap he automatically said no he wouldn’t. Many think he made a mistake, and now the Labour Party top brass are in turmoil. Additionally, this is also Starmer acting as a dictator, not a leader of a democratic party. A party that create policy democracy and has a process to do that. Once again, Starmer shows not sign of wanting to be a socialist, so why is he even in the Labour Party?


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