Keir Starmer – The Fake Prime Minister Of The UK

Keir Starmer will be the next UK Prime Minister unless he fucks something up. He’s told more lies and done more u-turns than any other politician in my lifetime and I’m currently 64. We see a lot of fake news and fake news about fake news but this might be the first fake Prime Minister in the UK. Boris Johnson was bad but even he had some sort-of ideology even if money did cloud his decisions, Starmer is on a different level.

This is a man who once wrote communist articles and stomped his feet about things like Nuclear weapons and one of his big ideas was getting rid of the police force altogether. Now he’s spouting things like jobs for Brits and telling people he’ll push people aside to be the one who pushes the button that ends the world as we know it.

Seems he won’t say a word to the press unless he thinks that word will win him another vote and the words he chooses are only based on getting that vote. He’s like a milkman turning up at your door with a loaf of bread because he thinks you want toast for breakfast.

Of course, all this is fun now, he has no power so his avoiding the truth and making up policy to suit himself is all fine and good for now. But once he has power and has to make real decisions that affect your life it won’t be a laughing matter. He’s very likely to lean heavily on what the media say he should be doing because he has no ideology to fall back on. So when he has a choice and that choice will harm him or you, it’ll be you that suffer. This could be taxes, this could be restrictions to your rights or it could even be war.


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