Now! Does the UK see Israel?


For years before the so-called Israel – Hamas war Palestinian families had to suffer the “mistakes” of Israel. These have included a schoolgirl losing her head to a bullet while sitting at her desk in the classroom. They have included young boys mowed down while playing football on a Gazza beach. They include men, women & children having their legs shot from under them for daring to walk too close to a wall, and of course, they’ve included many medical staff and reporters shot while just doing the jobs. Also, thousands of people including children have been dragged away from the streets or their homes & workplaces. These people are then sentenced without trial and end up in Israeli prisons or just never seen again.

All the time this is happening Israel turns a blind eye to their own people intimidating, threatening, or just simply murdering Palestinians to take the land they want. Olive groves are burnt, cattle are poisoned and homes are invaded. All this before the events of October 2023 so should we call that massacre a “mistake”? No, it was barbaric but born out of the injustice of years of abuse by Israel against Palestinians. Unlike the Zionists, Palestinians only want the rights the rest of the world takes for granted, Israel denies them that and takes any dignity from them at every opportunity. Zionists don’t even use the term “Palestinians”, they don’t regard them as human except in the notion of “terrorists”. This is why so many “mistakes” happen.

Perhaps now the West will see the Zionists for the crucial barbaric racist endeavor it is. Perhaps now, while they moan about the sudden loss of loved ones they see this is not a war it’s a determination of a population & culture, it’s a massive land grab intended to create an Israel state large enough to dominate the region and bully countries into serving them.

No one can really admit this is not a war – How could be a war when one side has billions of modern weapons including tanks, planes, drones, and missiles worth millions of dollars each, and the other side has most riffles and a few homemade bombs and don’t forget Israel are also protected by a massive wall and defense systems able to detect any missile entering it’s reach. No, this is a slaughter plan and simple.

Do you see Israel for what they are now? or will you continue to turn that blind eye?


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