Labour in the total mess on murdering children

While most reasonable people in the world see Israel murdering women, children, and any man who is there to help or report on the Zonist’s evil deeds, the UK Labour Party is in a total mess on where they stand and what is a human response. Firstly, they say Israel has the right to deny people power, water, etc while they drop bombs on them. Secondly, they don’t think a ceasefire would help, but a pause should happen – Does anyone know the difference? Well, I’ll tell you, using the word “pause” would upset the Zionists, they don’t want that word used just like a whole lot of other words they demand and complain about.

But it’s got even more stupid this week: Israel has announced they will have 4-hour pauses in the bombing, this is almost certainly the very least the least the USA will accept for their support of the murders. Labour’s response to this is that the pauses are not long enough. So I ask again if 4 hours isn’t a pause and a pause is not a ceasefire then what is a ceasefire?

Labour has lost focus of what they are and who they are meant to support. They spend so much time trying to keep the Zionists happy and the media off their back while thinking only about what they can do for the rich to get their donations.


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