It’s all your fault

So finally the UK media are reporting the massive waste of the Tory years for the people of the UK. They report on about 1,000 billion but let’s face it, what have the last 20-plus years achieved for this country? While other countries have had massive infrastructure projects, we here in the UK still rely on the hard work of the Victorians or cheap foreign replacements to get everything go as it is and has been for the past 20 or more years. This country stopped evolving sometime in the 1980s, yes we’ve had new things to play with but as for advancement at a whole country level with things that make the day better for all the people we’ve gone backward. Nothing at all has been done for the betterment of the people.

And all that money wasted, well that’s not true is it really? You can only waste what you have and we borrowed all that money to then wasted. Remember Labour borrowing £300b was going to bankrupt the country? well, imagine that bankrupt country now with its own energy, rail, water, investment bank, oh, and of course £700b that wouldn’t have been lost.

But now we turn to them trying to fix the mess. So who’ll they look at for gathering in all these losses to improve the bank balance for the next general election? Will they cut back on spending on war in foreign lands? NO. will they try to take more of the profits from massive companies in taxes? NO. Will they take a slice of dividends from the stock markets? No. In fact, their plan is to give all of these more money while taking money from the people.

Now, you, at the moment might not be one of those people because they plan to hit the welfare with cuts. You see in their minds the only reason people don’t work is because they are idle and they need to be “intensified” to work. This means they make life so bad for people they are desperate enough to get the extra money work would bring even if doing the work is causing them hard or means they leave someone they are caring for alone uncared for. This may not be you now but it could you in the future.

Of course, this is nothing new, austerity was something the UK public voted for in the 1990s. Oddly it was accepted that we needed to repair the damage that was done and one of Johnson’s pledges was “leveling up” and finding 20,000 police officers to replace those they sacked during austerity. It’s like the magic roundabout only the magic here is how you are easily fooled by these crooks each time. Perhaps people are too busy with their own lives to see the real world and what’s happening. Of course, that’s what happens with times ares hard for the majority < get it yet?


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