Labour Party lesson to be learned – The Innocent shouldn’t plead guilty


Anitisemisum in the Labour party – Lower under Corybyn than before or after him. These are facts. Yet for Labour under Corbyn, and now it seems under Keir Starmer, the sure pressure of the media makes them accept the untruth, the unreal, and the illogical argument that criticism of Israel is antisemitism. Even worse if you are anti-war that also becomes antisemitism.

Labour pleaded guilty to antisemitism when all the evidence was there to prove their innocence by defending themselves or rather their members & their long-established history as people who stand up for people and people’s rights. It’s all been thrown out to stop the barking by the dogs in the media. And now they must live with that.

Labour have tried to wrap themselves in Blairite media savvy suits but the problem with guilt is it sticks like mud. Anytime someone does anything the finger is first pointed at you, simply because you have already admitted you are the sort of person who would do that sort of thing. So you go on a mission to change when change is not needed. You fall into the same traps, you converse with the same types and sooner or later the people who are against you will come for you again. Only this time they will want more.


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