Sin Bins The End Of Football


I grew up in a football family, we all went to the games. We loved the game and it brought us great joy at times but I’m now hanging on by thread to this game. So many changes have taken me from a youth who used to walk for over an hour on rainy midweek nights to someone who hardly watches the TV games. I still look for the score of my team and might watch their live games.

I now live 3 hours away from the ground we as a family had season tickets for the early 2000s. At that time any thought of moving house would also have included the ability to get to the ground and we even joked about moving to the same road as our team. But the game has been spoilt so much even since the year 2000 that I now would even call myself a fan. I didn’t watch any of the last World Cup due to where it was being held and now we have the prospect of “sin bins” and “blue cards”. It’s gone too far. If this happens I’ll not bother with it at all and I suspect a fair few others will say the same.

Bring back our beautiful game.


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