Manipulation all around us

Have you noticed how the war in the Ukraine, casualty total of at least 15,000, has been totally pushed off the main news pages by the propaganda of Israel? It seems every leaver & switch has been pushed or pulled to make sure we know how Israelis have suffered at the hands of “terrorists”. But I find comfort in the fact that people in the street and even some politicians are not falling for it and well done to the BBC & the FA on their firm sense of reality too.

Yes, Hamas acted like animals and no one should say otherwise but Hamas has something that Israel does not when it come to defending their actions and that is the right to action. But action at time is not the right action as we have seen. Yet Hamas have done nothing to Israelis that Israel’s have not done to Palestinians. Wrong is wrong.

Israel calls everyone who lives in Palestine a terrorist, it does this everyday yet the UK, USA and others say nothing. In that they allow this sort of voice against the Palestine’s because they don’t want to upset Israel.  They all play this game of manipulation of words and pretending that what Israel does is justified where as the people who have had their land stolen from them and have live under the heel of Israel are terrorists? I think they don’t know what a terrorist is.

Israel use snippers to shoot people who are held captive in a walled off land where every aspect of their life must be justified to the Israel government. Where their power, water, food & even their postage is controlled by Israel. Israel will go in and out of this land with their army anytime they wish, they’ll use their air force to bomb people who have no air defences or even any air force. A Palestinian can not even bring people into their country without the agreement of the Israeli government. Israel’s steal land, invade religious places and convert this all to the Jewish faith.

Terrorism – Use of violence as a form of political, economic and religious coercion.

Who are the terrorist?


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