No Longer Working For Google

A few months ago I closed my social media accounts at Facebook & Twitter, the reason for that can be gained from that post at that time. I was going to continue with my Google account as I don’t use it for a lot of things, mainly Youtube. More recently I’ve changed my mind on that for a few reasons;

I’ve always disliked Google search, the way it throws up only “product” or marking related results for searches is bad enough but now it’s asking me to play the Captcha game each time I want to do a search with the safety of having my VPN. So I’ve got used to using Bing and although that is annoying at least it doesn’t ask me turn the visitor into a performing seal. So apart from a few videos on Youtube the is now reason why I need a Google account, but even there now they are restricting the use if you don’t accept their adverts. So I can get by without Google maps I’m sure. And its not as if I can’t watch Videos on Youtube, the are plenty of ways to do that.

So good bye Google, you won’t make money of me. Also deleted Instagram, although an account not used anymore I had gotten emails of login requests that were not me.


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