Minolta MC Tele Rokkkor – QF 1:3.5 200mm Lens Review

Such a beast of a lens this, I didn’t know whether to attach it to the camera or lob it as a grenade.  To be fair to it I took out hand held and the weight of it made it almost impossible to get any zoomed image. Certainly one for the tripod in a control shoot, maybe architecture from across a road or water but certainly not for what I ended up doing – trying to shoot black headed gulls on the wing and birds in a field. So once again it mixed bag but still disappointing on viewing the images on the computer.

Even though I struggled to hold this lens on my light Fujifilm camera I had thought that I had pinged a few shots – this one for example where I had plenty of time and the heavy focus ring seemed to aid precision it was duff

Out of focus swan image
Unedited Shot

As you can see this is well out of focus and I assure you this is camera shake as it was perfect thought the viewfinder. But at the end of the day this is just a bit of fun so I don’t stick to any anal theories or technical jargon, I’m walking the dog not being paid to photo a wedding. So perhaps I should have even done this review but on the positive side it allows me to revisit this lens with a tripod one day – at least I know that now, unless the Nikon I reviewed where most the shot were fine hand-held this one has some bite in it. But it’s not all bad news let’s see a few I could manage to produce with editing;

And finally the one most annoyingly missed


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