Vivitar 28-85mm 1:35-4.5 MC Macro Focusing Zoom Review

So this is a special 2/3 part review, not that it’ll be full specifications I don’t do that sort of detail, my reviews are purely experience of use. It’s one lens tested on 2 cameras with a little extra on focusing aids.

This is a lovely lens, it’s extremely well-built is easy to use and delivers a great clear image over a wide range of uses. But you need to get used to it because it’s a push – pull for zoom and a twist for focus. In the one I had both these movements were smooth.

On my Fujifilm X-T10 I used my normal speed adaptor plus a FX to EOS adaptor. Here are the unedited photos;

And the edited versions, although only a slight sharpen & contrast in most where needed. This is normal for vintage lenses as focusing can be extremely difficult esp on some cameras I’ve found.

Click here for part 2 – Focussing with Canon 60D

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