Neil Kinnock Can’t TELL anyone

Today, the headlines in the UK say former Labour leader Neil Kinnock tells Keir Starmer he doesn’t need a coalition to form a government. I mean, what right does Kinnock have to give advice on anything except taking the money & the lifestyle offered by the establishment. What did he achieve as leader?

At the time, he & some other prat were seen as the “dream ticket” when he took over as a very young Labour leader. He then set about arguing with every socialist he could find, little did he know he was only setting up the stage for Tony Blair.

This is a man who failed at everything he led, from leading his wife on a beach photo shoot – where he fell over – to failing in general elections. To top it all, his blistering ability to change his principles would astound even Bois Johnson. In 2022, he was campaigning to rejoin the EU, In the 1970s Kinnock campaigned for Britain to leave the Common Market. In the 1980s he swindled Tony Benn out of the race for Labour deputy leader by first supporting one person, then tell all those who listen to him, they shouldn’t vote at all. For many years, Kinnock wanted to get rid of the House of Lords, but when a seat was offered to him, he snapped it up gladly. He also took a well paid role for the EU amongst other things. It was reported in 2009 that amounted to over £10 million.

But if that’s not convinced you of the man, then perhaps leading his party in general elections might convince you – He couldn’t beat John Major, even when in the years running up to those elections Labour were clear favourites.


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