Proof that not voting can bring the change the UK needs

For the last few years, I’ve been saying the only way this country will change from a free market, free for all the rich, and sod the rest government is to abstain from voting. Last night once again we saw the evidence of what NOT voting can do.

While the media will be full of beaming Tory Labour faces, hidden behind the results if the simple fact that the winning party could only muster 14.98% of the vote in Mid Bedfordshire and 16.44% in Tamworth. Statistics say their rivals got a lot less than that with neither byelection attracting more than 44% of the voters away from their beer or TV.

So there it is, a massive space for someone if they can excite just half those missing voters. Yes, 20% would easily win both these byelections and that really shows how excited the public is about what Keir Starmer has to offer. Let’s face it the Tories are doing their best to clear the way for him but he’s just not got anything to offer. His only aim is to gain power, just like Blair. Once in power, he’ll be just as reactionary while spinning to the media. A man with no ideology or ideas of his own he’ll be easy meat for the USA to pull their string and he’ll most likey be in a war within a few years.

Yes, he’ll almost certainly win the general election in 2024 but what does that say about politics in the UK? Personally, I can’t wait to see how they report a government that can’t even get the support of 20% of the people it’s supposed to represent. Mind you, Keir Starmer represents only 5% of the UK while 100% of Israel doesn’t he?

I look forward to real change in 2029


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