Starmer does a Clegg on students

Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats pledged before the 2010 General Election to the National Union of Student not to raise tuition fees. They abandoned that pledge & fees were lifted to around £9,000. This broken promise was one of the key reasons why the Lib-Dems lost dozens of seats at the 2015 election.

Keir Starmer pledged to scrap tuition fees during the 2020 Labour leadership election. Now he says he won’t be doing that.

It’s yet another indication of how much you can trust this Labour Party. It fits in very well with the type of thing the Conservatives would do and fits in well with the idea that both parties are happy to treat the public like idiots any time it suits them. This follows on from the news that while she was doing her work on Boris Johnson’s partygate report Starmer thought is fit and proper to offer her a role in the Labour Party. Why would anyone with any sense do that at that time? Because he’s always got away with doing these things, lying, breaking rules, just like Boris Johnson. He gets away with it because of the same reason, his life of privilege & his social network is the establishment.

When it comes to Starmer, like Johnson, only one thing is true – No matter how well things might be looking, he’s always capable of fucking it up.


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