The King can f*** himself

What world do these people live in? Have they not seen the polls telling them the UK public don’t want them and certainly don’t want to pay for a coronation? It’s sickening and bewildering that in the year 2023 someone can ask you to sear allegiance to a king. Well here’s my reply Charlie – Go f… yourself, I am no one’s subject.

Put aside all the controversy, the theory about the death of Diana, the millions of pounds in suitcases from the Arabs the simple fact is royalty is the purest form of evil.

Take any act of evil from swindling someone out of money to murdering someone, considering any evil act the first step in convincing yourself it’s the thing to do is to convince yourself that you as a human are better than that person, your interests are of more value. In simple terms, you are worth more? This is the decision all royal make when their accept their entry into royalty. Even more evil is they expect you to agree. Remember the old saying “women & children first” well no, it’s really “Royals first” because that would be the facts of it.


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