Take Note – Rachel Riley has spoken

Rachel Riley has used her contacts to give us her sermon on Mason Greenwood. She says she won’t support Manchester United unless he is sacked.

We should all take note of her highness. Of course, if the women involved in the Mason Greenwood case turn out to have Palestinian blood or indeed a transvestite or perhaps even a socialist 🙂 , she’ll probably change her mind. Must strange to have a mind like hers, she’s supposed to be a mathematician, but to her some people should not be counted it seems. Apparently she suddenly found her Jewishness after insulting Jews, and says she was inspired into feminism by her ‘power lesbian headmistress’ – sense a theme here.
So why should she have such a platform to spout her opinions anyway? After all, her job is basically a card dealing accountant on a 4th channel show once popular to grannies. And she certainly not as good as Carol Vorderman and certainly doesn’t have the looks, class or humanity.

Best ignored, I think. As for Mason Greenwood? Well, he was just 19 at the time that’s all I’ll say on the events of the past, but his footballing career in this country is probably over now. The only concern for Man United is the loss of money, I’m sure. Because as soon as he’s a free agent there will be a host of other club willing to take a £50m player on, and he’ll pocket millions from the transfer. Probably will never play for England unless there is a change of “group-think” here.


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