Be warned if you use X – Twitter

The ability to block people is to be removed on what was once called Twitter and now call stupid name – X

I don’t use the system now but found that the most useful feature. It’s my understanding that if I don’t want to interact with someone, I should have the choice not to. It’s never good enough to just say “oh, ignore them” and on the system, why would you want to log on and scroll through posts that might be abusive or simply annoying idiots. I imagine the vast number of trolls who simply get their kicks are annoying people are having a party right now. There are a lot of people who use the system to try and change your thinking because they are unable to think around a subject – The god nutjobs, the royalist, the racist and the Zionist spring to mind. You’ll never convince them you have a valid point. Believe me I’ve tried, often it’s like they have a script to stick to & no matter how many facts or logical your argument they’ll have a ready answer or simply change the direction of the argument using whatabout tactics.

Freedom of speech will be the reason behind this, but the real reason, as so often the case, is money. Let me explain;
So X removes the blokes you put in place and stops you from blocking other users, what are you going to do? Well, you either put up with it or you switch to private. And once in private mode, you act as if your conversations are private. Except ? They are not, are they? The people who own the system own you tweets, they own access to your images, and they use them to make money. They make more money because you’ll reveal more private information. It’s as simple as that, folks, Ca Ching !

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